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Hi Spot Welding Systems

Whether robot or dedicated machines we can supply the system best suited to your production requirements.

Systems are available with various levels of technology to suit both budgets and quality requirements either with simple AC systems with pneumatic welding guns or MFDC with servo guns we can supply either standard packages or tailor design a layout to suit your product and production requirements.


hi spot 500 xyz linear machine

HiSpot 500
XYZ linear machines on pallet base operating with either single or twin load stations. Machines can be fitted with either fixture guns or robot guns for more demanding apps
 hi spot 1000

HiSpot 1000
Twin static table systems with options of simple manual operated doors or powered stations for higher efficiency.
hi spot 2000

HiSpot 2000
Turntable systems with capacities from 250 Kg to 2000 Kg and smaller systems available on pallet bases.Turn tables can be supplied with external axis and multi robot configurations.
hi spot 3000

HiSpot 3000
Spot welding systems with servo controlled external axis using ferris wheel manipulators
designed for heavy and shock loads.

HiSpot Maxflex
Moving fixture systems where the robot picks up fixtures and presents to static weld guns. These systems offer maximum flexibility for welding where part orientation is required.


Systems can be supplied with any brand of robot and with or without fixtures.
If you have your own in house specifications we will be pleased to provide a quotation.