Why Go Servo Gun
Servo control offers major benefits over pneumatic


C&X Conexion Robot Welding Guns


C&X Conexion Robot Welding Guns offer steel and aluminium construction guns as most spot welding robots are now offered in 165 kg payloads and with light weight MFDC transformers becoming the most popular option.

This make the lighter aluminium construction less important. Aluminium also has a much lower yield strength so for the same strength requirement.

In the real world welding guns are prone to damage caused by programming accidents so the benefit of the superior strength of steel and the ability to be easily repaired can be a major advantage.

All gun designs are fully CAD optimised and stress analysed.


X Type Scissor Guns

  • Simple modular plate construction

  • Top or Rear mount options

  • Arm centres 150 to 400.

  • Throat depths 200 mm to 500 mm in base configuration.

  • 3 mount positions of servo motor left and/or right hand is accommodated in standard design.

If top mount is required this needs stating at order as different frame is used on top mount version.

C Type Gun

Plate construction for quick delivery

  • 125 mm stroke on ram (pneumatic or servo).

  • Top or rear mount options.

  • Equalisation.

  • 3 motor mount options.

  • Pneumatic option with single or two stage operation.

Note: Throat depths from 500 to 800  are possible with the use use arm bracing.
(call for details as application dependant design).

Choice of Power delivery

Pneumatic modules


Choice of single or dual stroke cylinders with 100mm and 140mm weld bore options to suit the different frame sizes. Gun open and hi lift retract sensors are included.


On pneumatic options valve control and sensors are controlled and monitored using i/o modules including device net, profibus, ASI, inter bus or discreet I/O.

Servo Modules

Servo modules to suit all major robot brands and leading motor manufacturers.

There are two differing opinions on which are the best way to control the servo motor.

Using the robot motor gives the ability to be controlled as a true 7th axis, allowing controlled manipulation into the fixtures.

In reality most systems are set to call a number of different opening gaps as it is easier to programme.

Using the weld control with optional drive cards give independent closed loop control and arguably gives better control of the welding operation.

This system is a favourable option for simple 3 axis controlled machines.
We at Bauromat can offer either option to suit customer’s requirements


Standard Ram modules


Two standard frame designs for C gun or X gun. A 1.5 Kw motor ( 8Nm) will develop either 450 or 900 kgf Ram force depending on pulley ratio selected.

X Gun Ram Module

C Gun Ram module


Hi Pressure Ram Modules For higher force requirements we can offer higher load rams that accept larger motors and larger ball screws.

Gun Arms

High Strength Copper Arm with Stainless Insert

Most issues on spot welding are normally the gun access problems with
welding fixtures and part design.

Thinner arms are required but this gives the problem of low yield strength.

To over come this we offer an option of high strength arms which include
an inner stainless core which can double the loading capacity of the arms.

A wide range of gun arms are available to suit various welding conditions
and special configurations are made to order.




All guns include inbuilt slides to allow the gun to equalise around the panel. Time should be set aside to the correct setting up of the weld gun to ensure optimum life and minimise panel damage.

The gun should be set to allow vertical movement of the gun relative to the weld position.

The pressure is set to take the weight of the gun.

Depending on the weld gun configuration will determine the required pressure on the balance system.

Some manufactures will state that with servo gun control equalisation is not required, in practice this means that the programming must be perfect and any tip dressing must be calibrated, this in reality becomes a serous quality issue particularly with thin materials and can lead to damage to the weld gun and the fixtures.