Standard Pedestal Machines and Seam Welders


Industrial quality general purpose welding machines from 3 KVA to 600Kva Including Micro machines for electrical/medical components. 

  • Spot welders from 3 up to 250 Kva with nut feeding options.

  • Projection welders 50 up to 600Kva.

  • Seam welders in horizontal and longitudinal configurations with tooling.

Machines are designed for heavy duty applications and can be supplied with tooling.

Bauromat also manufacture machine to aerospace specifications.


SSP and SMD Range
AC and MFDC welding machines in two forms. Dual systems with projection welding platens and spot welding arms. Low cost system which just has spot welding arms.

STD Range
3 phase DC machines including.
Aerospace specification
Machines  are available with servo heads.

SSM Seam Welders
A wide range of seam welders are available in AC or MFDC In horizontal and longitudinal options. Machines include manual or automatic wheel dressing systems.

STF Feeder Systems
Competitive range of nut and bolt feeding systems from M5 to M12 including nut orientation check options.