Multi Welding Systems


For simple applications or High Volume production dedicated machines can offer efficient and very cost effective production.


Benefits include.

  • Fast production

  • Low running costs

  • Minimal floor space

Bauromat manufacture standard modules to build up systems from simple systems using pedestal welding machines as the basic design and adding simple automation to high fully purpose build systems to suit high volume production.


Turntable Systems
Turntable systems added to standard spot/projection machines with auto-feed and ejection.

Hi Speed Wire Mesh Welder
For continuous line production Bauromat and design and develop special machines to suit high volume production.

Multi Spot Systems
Utilising our fixture guns we can design and manufacture a variety of machine concepts, from direct acting guns in a simple frame to fixture guns on multi axis slides.

Servo Driven Gun Machines
For simple components with easy accessibility for welding.

Stand alone servo axis machines are available.