Resistance Welding Systems and Products

Resistance welding is a very cost effective and reliable way of  joining metals with minimal distortion.

We can provide systems and components for all types of resistance welding techniques from pedestal welders to full automatic turnkey solutions.

Spot welding systems

HiSpot Welding Systems
With either robot or dedicated machines we can supply the system best suited to your production requirements.
Call for a competitive quote and detailed specification.
Multi Welding Systems

Multi Welding Systems
For simple applications or high volume production.
Dedicated machines can offer efficient and very cost effective production.

C&X Conexion Robot Welding Guns
Bauromat can offer a complete range of universal robot welding guns from C&X .The simple construction allows for volume manufacture of common parts.

Welding Control & Transformers
With modern requirements for superior weld quality and control, We offer a choice of leading brand welding process equipment.

Fixture Guns
A Range of fixture guns for special machines.Four main styles with hundreds of different configurations are available.
All to automotive quality.

Spot. Projection & Seam Welders
Industrial quality general purpose welding machines from 3 KVA up to 600 KVA including micro machines for electrical / medical components & nut feeding systems.

Portable Guns
Heavy duty portable welding gun stations in X and C form with AC and MFDC options supplied with spring balancers and cable systems.