Machine Refurbishment

No need to discard old machines, with cost effective refurbishment options we will undertake machine rebuild to any desired level.

From a simple pedestal machine, to a complete system overhaul,from replacement of singular components to complete strip, paint, rebuild and rewire. Staged overhauls can also be done to minimise production downtime.


Services Include

Safety Upgrades

Old systems rarely comply with modern safety standards. We offer a risk assessment service to advice on minimum acceptable standards.

Many companies are finding with a new culture of employees suing for work related injuries is on the increase and old systems are easy to override safety protocols. Being old machines does not make any difference in court.


Robot Systems

Through the rigours of production, the end of the robot gets a particularly hard life and reliability suffers, Bauromat will undertake to either refurbish or replace worn or damaged equipment and cabling. Modern loom systems now offer greater reliability with the improvement in materials technology.

We can provide.


  • New MIG/Plasma Torch Systems.

  • Replacement Spot Welding Guns.

  • Robot Replacement.

  • Replacement Grippers.

  • Process Cabling.